When you are looking for a great place to fulfill your dreams of hunting one of Maine's big game animals Mountain Winds Guide Service is your source.

mwbearweb.jpg (21203 bytes)Black bear hunting over bait is available from the last week of August to the 3rd week of September.  We have active baits in many different locations so that we have oppotunities under all conditions. The Maine black bear hunt is something you will always remember. 
The wait in the stand to see if the elusive one will come in so that you can get a look at him, will he hear, smell or see something that will make him wait for another time?  The adrenaline flow as the bear approaches the bait and cautiously checks side to side to make sure all is safe for the approach, and the click of the safety that sounds like a thunder clap and he is gone from your site....   The rewarding feeling of taking your bear and knowing that it will be
a winter with roast  meat and a fine trophy to always remember your hunt!


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Deer hunting for that 200lb whitetail is the dream of every hunter. To stalk the buck as he elusively
avoids you at all the right moments, to finally see that huge set of antlers shining in the sun, to see
the famous white flag as he jumps and darts as a small twig cracks under your foot.  The reward
after many years of hunting to finally get the "buck of a lifetime".





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Moose hunting in Maine is limited to a lottery drawing.  We have many areas in zones 5, 6,
10 and 11 to take hunters to try their chance at filling their permit.  There are miles of road
to get back into areas that the moose roam.  When hunting these back woods areas we like
to try our hand at calling the trophy bull out into your sites.




Upland bird hunting gives the hunter a chance to get out into the woods and enjoy the autumn season.  With miles of logging roads to drive or walk on you will be able to try your hand at hunting the ruffed grouse.  With many fields in the area also there are pheasants taken.  There has never been a better day than the cool morning in the fall with the frost thick on the ground and a beautiful sunrise to draw the "partridge" out for you to try your hand at this quick to fly bird.


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Winter coyote hunts in Maine have become another great activity of the winter season.  We have baits set out to draw the weary coyote in for the hunter to try his skill at this fast moving animal.  You may also get a chance at a red fox or bobcat while waiting to see if the elusive coyote will approach.

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