When you are looking for fishing in the Katahdin Region look no further than Mountain Winds Guide Service. If you are looking to fish for brook trout, salmon, lake trout or bass we have the perfect locations to satisfy your desires. 

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Fly fishing for brook trout in one of the many streams or rivers is the one of the most rewarding opportunities in the area.  We stay in touch with fisherman in the area to keep
up on the most popular fly to use for the day.




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Fly fishing on the West Branch of the Penobscot for the landlocked salmon is one of the most desired
trips in the area.  When one of these "ballerina" of the water grab your fly it will be something you
always will remember.





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If you are looking for a relaxing trip for small mouth bass we have the best fishing available just 3 miles from our Bed and Breakfast.  On the Penobscot River where the east and west branch merge is one of the highest quality bass fishing areas
in Maine. This stretch of river will do nothing but reward the heartiest of bass fishermen. 





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Ice fishing is one of the winter sports that we enjoy.  We can take you to one of the many lakes in the area to fish for brook trout, salmon or lake trout.   We also have opportunities to fish for smelts and white perch from time to time.

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